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I would often be found volunteering at local events and  theatres, as I had identified from a early age lighting was my real passion. To give myself a good standing I trained and qualified as electrician.

Fast forward and I soon found myself in the lighting department at the London studios, the home of LWT, now ITV. Picking up experience and learning my craft by working with experienced gaffers, console operators and lighting directors, I was lucky to be working on many iconic and varied shows across the world of television.

Spurred on by my passion for creative lighting I became a console operator, now working even more closely with a variety of renowned lighting directors it gave me the perfect opportunity to perfect the skill of delivering a balanced picture, making artists and celebrities look their best on screen, standing out from the back grounds as if they could jump out of the screen and be sitting right next to you. Coupled with my extensive knowledge of intelligent / moving lights, LEDs and effects I am able to deliver a creative fresh dynamic picture which is exciting and full of hype!

I can now be found designing and directing many shows in the television world in all genres of multi and single camera shooting.  Stepping out from broadcast comes as no surprise, feeling equal comfortable with concert/touring, theatre, conformance and events.

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