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Power Supply is literally the heart of any activity, from a the smallest meeting through to an outdoor music festival with thousands in attendance, without power there is no event. That's why Automated Limited has made it our business to understand power supplies for events and activities.

We understand that it needs to be safe, reliable and fit for purpose so that you don't end up being left in the dark. That's why we have stock of and access to a variety of generators, splitters, distribution boards and anything else you might need to safely power your event.

Better still this doesn't have to be done as part of one of our other services, we are happy to help other third parties to ensure that regardless of your activity power supply is the least of your concerns. 

Power Supplies for Broadcast & Corporate Events


Power Hire

With available stock of everything you might need to power your event or activity whether you are inside or in the middle of a field, we are confident that we have got the right solution for you.


We test all of our power supply equipment before it leave and always ensure that it meets all of the necessary safety requirements. This helps us to guarantee our services.

You can also take confidence that no matter where you are we will be on hand to troubleshoot with any unforeseen issues as part of our 24/7 support guarantee.

 Power Installation

Taking advantage of our power supply installation services whether you choose to hire our equipment or not means that you are benefitting years of experience of managing power for the complete range of environments.

Our expert team will ensure that you have the right set up to distribute your power running your event in the safest, most efficient and most reliable way possible.

All of our work is carried out in compliance with BS 7909 For Temporary Electrical Systems at events and in line with BS 7671 IET Wiring Regulations, as well as the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989

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